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Embark On A Lakeside Journey Of Relaxation & Adventure

Nestled on the banks of Sarpanapally Lake in Ananthagiri Hills,The Wilderness LakeFront is the ideal getaway where you can truly immerse yourself in nature while enjoying exclusive lodgings.

Our cosy and one-of-a-kind lakeside living accommodations blend luxury and rustic charm with comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms and modern comforts. Experience our boat house stays for a serene float on the lake, machans with prime views and features like floating hammock beds, or intimate container stays crafted from eco-conscious, repurposed shipping containers.

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Lake View

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Private Deck

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Machan Hilltop

Nestled atop the hills, this Non A/C Machan room offers unparalleled views of the lake. With a unique keith roof, captivating floating hammock bed and spacious 360 sq ft, it is the ideal retreat for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

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Machan Midland

Situated between the hilltop and valley cabins, the A/C Machan room spans 360 sq ft and is complete with a cosy floating hammock bed, offering a serene escape for guests looking to unwind amidst breathtaking surroundings.

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Machan Valley

Located on the ground floor, the A/C Machan room in the valley provides a peaceful retreat in a picturesque setting. With a spacious 280 sq ft, step into this stay for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the lush greenery.

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Twin Container Neem

Experience the epitome of comfort in our Twin Container Neem rooms. Designed for groups of 4, this accommodation includes 2 separate rooms with 2 bathrooms. Each room, spanning 250 sq ft, opens onto a deck and mini lawn, creating a spacious and inviting environment.

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Twin Container Banyan

Set amidst a sprawling lawn with a majestic banyan tree, the Twin Container Banyan rooms offer a serene escape for groups. Designed for groups of 4, this stay comprises 2 separate rooms with 2 bathrooms. Each room spans across 250 sq ft, exuding charm and comfort.

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Container Mini

Discover cosy seclusion in our standalone Container Mini, boasting 250 sq ft of intimate space.
Opening onto a large deck of 400 sq ft, this charming hideaway offers a private retreat for guests seeking peace in immersive surroundings.

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Container Cabins

Experience comfort and style in the popular Container Cabins, spanning 400 sq ft. Each cabin features a small deck with breathtaking views of the lake, providing the perfect setting for couples and families to relax and reconnect.

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Container Suite

Indulge in luxury and sophistication in the standalone Container Suite, boasting 500 sq ft of opulent space. Opening onto a spacious private deck of 400 sq ft, it offers a lavish retreat for guests seeking the ultimate escape.

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Mangrove Haven Boat House

Our non A/C custom-designed boat houses redefine waterfront living. Spanning 480 sq ft, it features a fully-fitted bathroom and a floating hammock bed overlooking the water, creating an idyllic setting.

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Lily Pad Boat House

Experience luxury on the water in this A/C boat house, custom-designed as the perfect party venue. With a spacious 480 sq ft layout, fully-fitted bathroom and a floating hammock bed, it is a dream location for special occasions.

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Floating Fern Boat House

Step into luxury aboard the double-decker A/C boat house. Spanning 420 sq ft, the first floor features a fully-fitted bathroom and a floating hammock bed, while the spacious deck offers a perfect setting for small groups to relax and unwind.

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